JustFocus for Mac

Release notes

Requires macOS 10.10 or later.

V1.3.1 Released

Guangzhou—September, 13, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Send us feedback and rate us on the App Store

FIXBug fixes:

* Crash fixes when getting desktop picture
* Quote mis-position when showing passcode
* Decode quote author string before showing on the screen

V1.3 Released

Guangzhou—September, 11, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Show great quotes from quotesondesign.com instead of just showing "Take a break" on your rest screen
* Play notification sound effect when reset timer ends
* Background images now fits all your displays, including those be set to rotated 90°

FIXBug fixes:

* Won't auto focus on @MapleShadow link on about window any more
* Library window showing empty list for open sources
* Buttons misposition on macOS Sierra

V1.2.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 21, 2016

FIXBug fixes:

* Forbid resizing and moving with shortcuts (like BetterTouchTool)

UIUI Tweaks:

* Stop and next timer buttons updates
* About window UI updates

V1.2 Released

Guangzhou—August, 20, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Now your can use passcode to protect your screen when you are off your desk!
* Improvement for wallpaper shuffle algorithm

FIXBug fixes:

* Fixed a bug causing Just Focus not working with third display

UIUI Tweaks:
* Stop and next timer buttons updates
* Show wallpapers on all displays

V1.1.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 17, 2016

FIXBug fixes:

* Crashes when click on Open Sources link
* View misposition on prefer window
* App name hardcoded on app quiting alert

UIUI Tweaks:
* Number on label should be changing while dragging slider
* Smaller matric marks for timer settings

V1.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 15, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Now you can use awesome wallpapers as full screen background!
* Wallpapers will be auto-refreshed every 24 hours!
* List out all open source libraries on about window, thanks to these great projects!
* Tasks on statistics window should be sorted by started time

V1.0.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 12, 2016

FIXBug fixes:

* Statistics window should not be resizable
* Should show current date on statistics window
* Always fail to set custom timer

UIUI Tweaks:
* Menubar icon udpated

V1.0 Released

Guangzhou—August, 11, 2016

NEWJustFocus is a simple rest reminder, it will remind you when you keep working for too long, help you to keep healthy and regain your focus, keep you even more productivity!

* Beautifully full-screen view, blocking all mouse and keyboard events to help you take a real break
* You can use standard pomodoro timer, or customize for yourself
* Statistics for daily timers, review your productive time
* Notification 1 minute before the timer fired, prepare for a break
* Multiple displays supported